I would lie if I would say that February is my favorite month of the year. The weather in my part of the world is usually terrible and the darkness rules over the larger part of the day. The temperatures in the southern parts of Sweden, where I live, usually hovers around 0 degrees Celsius but in the northern parts of the country, it can reach freezing temperatures of -30 degrees Celcius. (That is -22 degrees F).

I usually leave the radio on when I am roaming around at home. I enjoy the steady flow of music mixed up with the news. The Olympic Games have dominated the broadcasts lately and I really feel that Sweden did more than okay during the tournament.

Väderleken i Nikkaluokta - Ludwig Sörmlind

Between all the sports and the news, the weather information would trickle through the noise and reach my ears. Up in the coldest, most northern part of Sweden a famous mountain resides. Kebnekaise is the highest mountain in Sweden and today the cold temperatures reached -24 degrees Celsius.

During our summer road trip of 2017 we had the joy of celebrating our wedding anniversary right here at Nikkaluokta. The weather was a lot warmer during the summer though.

Busy days ahead

The weekend is almost over and I didn’t really have any opportunities to rest and relax. There is a lot of stuff going on in my life and with the people closest to me which affects me too. I really don’t enjoy when I have to spend several days inside instead of out and about in the fresh air but together with my dogs and the wife we spent a good hour outside in the sunlight, just playing around.

The dogs (and the wife) are getting used to me with my camera and they are getting better and better at posing.

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I hope you have enjoyed a fabulous weekend. February is almost over and spring will be here soon for all of us in the northern hemisphere.