Vägga harbor – more than just a toliet

Uppdaterad 17 April, 2017

I have always enjoyed the Vägga harbor area. From the very first time I went here by car with my the soon-to-be wife. I still remembered how we slowly drove past the fish restaurant, up towards Ortholmen and onwards to Villa Utsikten (a coffee shop combined with an art exhibition featuring local artists).

I work in the central parts of Karlshamn, Sweden, and time and time again I find myself driving down to Vägga on my way to or from work.

Back in the days, I would often treat myself and the wife to a takeaway meal at some restaurant in town and then drive out to Vägga to enjoy it while listening to the smooth waves of the Baltic Sea.

Lots of pictures

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise if you are a long time reader of this blog since I often post pictures from this beautiful place.

Väggahamnen i solnedgång - Ludwig Sömrlind
Sunset over Karlshamn – Ludwig Sörmlind

Since you are reading the English version of ludwigsormlind.se you are lacking some of the content which hasn’t been translated yet. However, if you check out my Instagram instead you will find all my photos right there.

Vägga harbor deserves better

If you find yourself in Sweden and you do a quick Google search after Väggahamnen, this is how it is named in Swedish, you will find that the Karlshamn Municipality hold first place of the search term. And in my opinion, they should.

Lyktstolpen har inte tänts ännu vid Väggahamnen i Karlshamn - Ludwig Sörmlind
The lamp post will soon enlight its immediate surroundings – Ludwig Sörmlind

However, I don’t feel that they have done their best when it comes to managing that first position. If you click on the link titled Väggahamnen you will reach a site dedicated to the toilet in the area. Nothing more.

A little further down on the page you will find links to other public toilets nearby.

This is just great if you are in dire need of a toilet, but most of the time you are not and I feel that Vägga harbor deserves better, hence this blog post.

This is some of the pictures I have posted from the Vägga harbor area and if I know myself more will soon follow since I find myself stopping by here almost every week.

How to find Vägga

If you are a tourist looking for some beautiful scenery you should definitely check out this place. It is very close to the city center and you can walk all the way from the city out here just next to the Baltic Sea on a dedicated pedestrian road.

If you are into pedestrian roads, did you know that Europes longest pedestrian bridge is located in Blekinge, Sweden? Check out this blog post if you want to know more.

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