The Emigrant Monument

Uppdaterad 17 April, 2017

In the beautiful park right next to the Baltic Sea in Karlshamn, Sweden you can find this majestic statue portraying Karl-Oskar and Kristina. These two are the main characters of the book series from the author Vilhelm Moberg The Emigrants. The statue represents the many swedes leaving the country between the years 1845 to 1930.

In total, more than a million swedes left their homes in search of something better. Instead of poverty, famine and unemployment they sought something better on the other side of the Atlantic Sea.

Karlshamn was at this time an emigrant port and if you have seen the movie Utvandrarna you might recognize yourself if you ever find yourself wandering about in the beautiful city of Karlshamn.

On the base of the statue, you will find the following quote:

“I hemlandet har deras utvandringsäventyr ingått i sagan och legenden”

Utvandringsmonumentet i Karlshamn - Ludwig Sörmlind

This loosely translates to something like “In their homeland, the adventures during the migrations have taken part in both tale and legends”.

This photograph consists of 2 exposures, one for the highlights in the bright sky and one for the foreground. These are manually blended with the help of luminosity masks in Photoshop.

  • Canon EOS 6D
  • 1/180 sec (base exposure)
  • f/8.0
  • 28 mm
  • ISO 100
  • EF28mm f/2.8 IS USM

The closeness to the ocean and the beautiful walking trail that runs next to the Baltic Sea for several kilometers starts right here and just a couple of minutes away you find the city center with the shopping and all the restaurants. This makes this place well visited by both tourists and locals.

Here is a map of the area should you ever find yourself lost near the coastline in Karlshamn while looking for a statue to photograph.

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