The Sölvesborg Bridge – Europes longest pedestrian bridge

Uppdaterad 29 April, 2017

In a city close to where I live there is a bridge located. There are many bridges in Sweden but this bridge is a little special. You can not drive your car, bus or motorcycle on the bridge but you are very welcome to walk or use your bicycle. The bridge I am talking about the Sölvesborg Bridge. The longest pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Europe.

The people of Sölvesborg seem to really like their bridge, and photographers such as myself take pictures of the bride all the time. Almost every week I see new photos of the bridge on Instagram and Facebook.

A couple of years ago when I first heard of this long, majestic bridge I drove down to Sölvesborg to take a look and I was rather impressed. When we got there I didn’t know that there is a nice light show on the bridge after sunset so I missed it that time.

This time I had more luck. Nice weather and not many people on the bridge. As usual, I started to take photos and before I know it the sun was gone and darkness was on the way.


The Sölvesborg bridge is well worth a visit, even if you don’t like bridges in general. Check out the following map if you need direction.

Welcome to Sölvesborg!

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