The Pumphouse near Mörrumsån

Uppdaterad 29 April, 2017

I have had the blessing to live in beautiful Mörrum, in Blekinge – Sweden for about 10 years by now. But I still feel sometimes that I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of my surroundings. I have a good grip of the central parts and the cities but I am fairly clueless when I reach the outskirts of the cities and villages.

This will have to change, I am far too curious to just let this pass me by so whenever possible I try to explore nature and find new lovely little spots to show you.

Magnus, a photographer on as talked about a pumphouse near the famous river Mörrumsån for several years and today it was time to check it out.

Pumphus vid Mörrumsån - Ludwig Sörmlind

Not the biggest pumphouse

I stumbled upon the pumphouse while taking the light trail photo featured in the last post. You can read more about the light trails over the highway in this post.

I happened to park my car right next to it and after returning from the highway I decided to take a closer look of the building.

Too dark to handle

Soon after this image was taken the sun had almost completely disappeared behind the treeline and I decided to call it quits and return to my car.

I will return to this place somewhere in the near future. Perhaps not for more photos of the pumphouse but instead to capture the nature next to the river. Stay tuned!

If you want to know where the pumphouse is located a little more precise, take a peek at the map below.

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