Photo Meetup with Photo Karlshamn at Kofsa Nabbe

Uppdaterad 29 April, 2017

Spring is upon us and a sure sign of that is when the many local photo clubs start to arrange meetups again after a long and cold winter. Photo Karlshamn is no exception and the first organized meetup for the year took place in Kofsa Nabbe right outside Mörrum.

For international readers; these places are all located in the southern regions of Sweden.

The weather forecast for the day wasn’t too good looking. Rain and cold temperatures were not exactly what I was looking for even though conditions like that often results in interesting landscape photos.

However, later that day the forecast changed and I decided to go.

A few good men

Not all members of the group had the same idea and when I drove off to Kofsa I did not know that only one other member decided to show up.

The older we gets, life often tends to get in the way for spontaneous photo adventures and this evening was no exception.

However, after a few minutes of roaming around on the small cliffs, another member of the group appeared out of nowhere.

Give the 360-degree panorama a spin with your finger or your mouse. The image above showcase the nature of Blekinge in a very typical way.

A selection of photos

I got home with a large number of photos. Not all of them were usable though. The rain was hanging in the air and most of my pictures had a lot of water droplets on the lens which rendered most of the photos taken directly into the sun unusable due to all the reflections and flares.

This is some of the photos I liked the most. Let me know what you think about them.


Rainy sunset at Kosa Nabbe - Ludwig Sörmlind
The rain was hanging in the air during the entire photo meetup.
Two canoes next to the water in the sunset at Kofsa Nabbe.
A couple of canoes are enjoying the sunset at Kofsa Nabbe.
Stormy clouds finally let through the setting sun at Kofsa Nabbe
The sun managed to fight through the rain clouds eventually.

Windy conditions

After an hour of struggling on the slippery cliffs at Kofsa Nabbe, we decided to put down our cameras and walk back to the parking lot.

One thing that we both agreed upon was that this place is almost always windy, at least at this time of year.

I really like this place and I usually find myself out here a couple of times a year. A lot more frequent during the short Swedish summer months though.

Not only for photographers

Since I am a landscape photographer, it is the dramatic land- and seascapes of the place that have me hooked but this place is well worth a visit even though you have no interest in taking photos.

During the summer you can sunbath on the warm cliffs or take a swim in the ocean. The woods are full of berries and since we in Sweden enjoy the somewhat unique Allemansrätt it is free for everyone to pick them.

Read more about Allemansrätten here. Swedish Allemansrätten explained – Sverigeturism

Welcome to Kofsa

More info about this beautiful locations can be found on the links below, check them out (Swedish).

Karlshamns Kommun – Kofsa Nabbe
Karlshamns Kommun – Kofsa friluftsbas

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