Matvik in the mist

Uppdaterad 17 April, 2017

The sunrise on this particular Saturday was essentially a no-show due to thick clouds and a lot of fog. Instead of driving off in the dark, cold morning I waited a couple of hours and set my aim om the sunset instead.

When we got closer to the sunset the fog had gotten even denser but I couldn’t wait any longer. The urge to take photos had grown to strong and off into the cold January afternoon I went.

My first stop was central Karlshamn too see if the fog was as dense here as it was at home but when I got closer to city center all of a sudden the sun started to break through the clouds and I had to make a quick decision.

I abandoned the city for now and drove off to Matvik. I don’t know why – I just followed a hunch.

This seemed to be a great decision and it didn’t take too long before I had a photo I was feeling happy with safely tucked away on the memory card.

Too foggy for photographs

A lovely old couple passed by on the road behind me while I walked around among the reeds in the dense vegetation right next to the road. The man jokingly said that this day was too foggy for photographs. I begged to differ and without saying anything too him I decided to try to prove him wrong.

Matvik Karlshamn - Ludwig Sörmlind

After a couple of minutes the couple have made their way up along the narrow road and I took the photo that became my favorite one from this little photo trip.

After a while the couple came back along the road and passed by me yet again without knowing they became the main characters of my photo.


Where is Matvik?

I came by car from Kollevik and drove on the winding roads through Vettekulla. Check out the map below for a more detailed look of the area.

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