Light trails and long exposures

Uppdaterad 29 April, 2017

I get an itch almost every Sunday. I just have a constant need of doing something creative. Often that creative urge leads me outside with my camera. This Sunday was no exception and all of a sudden I found myself not too far from home, standing on a bridge on top of the most trafficked road in the region.

Life in general didn’t allow me to go on any longer trips this evening but one’s immediate surroundings are very often overlooked when it comes to landscape photography. This was the case today.

When I dream about landscape photography my mind wanders to distant places like the steep mountains of New Zeeland or maybe the vast deserts of the Sahara.

What do you dream of?

But, instead of dreaming about places far far away I looked outside my window and decided to drive off just a few miles to a location I have seen pictures posted from before. That did not matter to me as it was the first time for me here.

I often wonder if people in the places where I dream of traveling to thinks the same about Sweden? Maybe, maybe not. Drop a comment down below if you like, every comment is much appreciated.

Into the sunlight

Thanks to the absolute marvelous The Photographers Ephemeris web app I could see that the setting sun lined up perfectly with the highway. Check out their site if you haven’t already. I have used it for months and found it so good I purchased the app for my smartphone as well.

Many exposures working as one

When I stood on the bridge overlooking the highway I realized that the traffic was rather low this evening. Instead of trying to trick my camera into using a longer exposure time I instead opted to use multiple exposures and the blending them together in Photoshop.

In total this photo consists of about 60 different exposures. I discarded some of them due to not containing any lights at all and some of the images had huge trucks and busses on them which stood out a little too much compared with the small, regular cars.

Click the image for a bigger version.

Forsbacka E22 ljusspår och långa slutartider - Ludwig Sörmlind

Follow the arrow

I really like how the worn arrow looks in the image. After 10 minutes or so I took my camera and headed back to where I had parked my car.

The shot was taken a few miles outside Karlshamn and there were actually more cars leaving on the right than driving against me on the left side. I guess the headlights was easier for my camera to capture and therefore it kind of looks like the left lane was a little busier than the right one.

The old pumphouse

I parked my car at an old, worn pump station. On the other side of the building, the famous Mörrumsån runs. If you have an interest in fishing and especially in fly fishing you might have heard of it.

Pumpstation Mörrumsån - Ludwig Sörmlind

If not, take a closer look at the map below pinpointing the bridge over the highway. Just south of the pin you will find the lighthouse too.

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