Vägga harbor – more than just a toliet

Uppdaterad 17 April, 2017

I have always enjoyed the Vägga harbor area. From the very first time I went here by car with my the soon-to-be wife. I still remembered how we slowly drove past the fish restaurant, up towards Ortholmen and onwards to Villa Utsikten (a coffee shop combined with an art exhibition featuring local artists).

I work in the central parts of Karlshamn, Sweden, and time and time again I find myself driving down to Vägga on my way to or from work.

Back in the days, I would often treat myself and the wife to a takeaway meal at some restaurant in town and then drive out to Vägga to enjoy it while listening to the smooth waves of the Baltic Sea. Continue reading “Vägga harbor – more than just a toliet”

The Sölvesborg Bridge – Europes longest pedestrian bridge

Pedestrian bridge in Sölvesborg - Ludwig Sörmlind

Uppdaterad 29 April, 2017

In a city close to where I live there is a bridge located. There are many bridges in Sweden but this bridge is a little special. You can not drive your car, bus or motorcycle on the bridge but you are very welcome to walk or use your bicycle. The bridge I am talking about the Sölvesborg Bridge. The longest pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Europe.

The people of Sölvesborg seem to really like their bridge, and photographers such as myself take pictures of the bride all the time. Almost every week I see new photos of the bridge on Instagram and Facebook.

A couple of years ago when I first heard of this long, majestic bridge I drove down to Sölvesborg to take a look and I was rather impressed. When we got there I didn’t know that there is a nice light show on the bridge after sunset so I missed it that time. Continue reading “The Sölvesborg Bridge – Europes longest pedestrian bridge”

The Pumphouse near Mörrumsån

The pumphouse near the famous river Mörrumsån - Ludwig Sörmlind

Uppdaterad 29 April, 2017

I have had the blessing to live in beautiful Mörrum, in Blekinge – Sweden for about 10 years by now. But I still feel sometimes that I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of my surroundings. I have a good grip of the central parts and the cities but I am fairly clueless when I reach the outskirts of the cities and villages.

This will have to change, I am far too curious to just let this pass me by so whenever possible I try to explore nature and find new lovely little spots to show you.

Magnus, a photographer on MNBild.se as talked about a pumphouse near the famous river Mörrumsån for several years and today it was time to check it out. Continue reading “The Pumphouse near Mörrumsån”

Light trails and long exposures

Ljusspår och långa slutartider i Forsbacka - Ludwig Sörmlind

Uppdaterad 29 April, 2017

I get an itch almost every Sunday. I just have a constant need of doing something creative. Often that creative urge leads me outside with my camera. This Sunday was no exception and all of a sudden I found myself not too far from home, standing on a bridge on top of the most trafficked road in the region.

Life in general didn’t allow me to go on any longer trips this evening but one’s immediate surroundings are very often overlooked when it comes to landscape photography. This was the case today.

When I dream about landscape photography my mind wanders to distant places like the steep mountains of New Zeeland or maybe the vast deserts of the Sahara. Continue reading “Light trails and long exposures”

The Emigrant Monument

Utvandringsmonumentet i Karlshamn - Ludwig Sörmlind

Uppdaterad 17 April, 2017

In the beautiful park right next to the Baltic Sea in Karlshamn, Sweden you can find this majestic statue portraying Karl-Oskar and Kristina. These two are the main characters of the book series from the author Vilhelm Moberg The Emigrants. The statue represents the many swedes leaving the country between the years 1845 to 1930.

In total, more than a million swedes left their homes in search of something better. Instead of poverty, famine and unemployment they sought something better on the other side of the Atlantic Sea.

Karlshamn was at this time an emigrant port and if you have seen the movie Utvandrarna you might recognize yourself if you ever find yourself wandering about in the beautiful city of Karlshamn. Continue reading “The Emigrant Monument”

The Rose Garden in Karlshamn – Park in the city

The Rose Garden in Karlshamn

Uppdaterad 30 April, 2017

The Rose Garden in Karlshamn is regarded as one of the most exquisite parks in the region. If you ever find yourself standing in the beautiful park you will definitely understand why that is.

When the park was first constructed its main purpose was to serve as an entrance to the nearby Vägga school.

Photos from the rose garden

When the city of Karlshamn celebrated 350 years as a city, the town arranged a photo contest. The idea behind this was to let the inhabitants of the city show their view of Karlshamn. Continue reading “The Rose Garden in Karlshamn – Park in the city”