Bread on a rainy sunday afternoon

Uppdaterad 17 April, 2017

The weekend came and went away again and this was a typical Sunday if you know what I mean? Saturday had only cloudy weather and cold winds on its menu wich mean that I almost didn’t leave the house at all except for when our little dog demanded a walk. The following Sunday had even worse weather in store for me.

All available weather forecast services warned me about the oncoming huge snowfall and right when the afternoon transformed into evening the first snowflake appeared and with it came the hail, the storm, and even more snow.

A couple of years ago, back when I didn’t understand that I have Celiac disease, I was an avid baker. Poems were written about the many loaves of bread that I baked during the holidays and fathers passed stories about my accomplishments in the kitchen to their sons.

Well not, really. But almost.

A life without gluten

When the doctors eventually informed me that food containing gluten actually hurt me I was stumped and disoriented. This was a couple of years ago and back then the selection of gluten free flour and related baking stuff was not the easiest nor cheapest things to come by. Now, on the other hand, we have a huge selection of gluten-free goods in almost every store and that means I can bake again – almost like I used to.

I have started to experiment a little with different recipes with varying success. I haven’t found a go-to recipe for a quick and easy bread. Until now!

My beautiful and talented wife found me this super simple recipe the other day and I just had to try it. Stay tuned for a link to the recipe. I changed it around a little.

Instead of wheat flour, I changed it to a gluten free alternative and to meet the liquid requirements I used an unsweetened soy mik and some olive oil.

Photo or cooking blog?

If you are a new reader of this blog and you find yourself slightly confused about the major topic of this blog just keep reading. This is not a cooking blog but every now and again I just have to create something. Most of the times that something is a photo but when the weather and life in general don’t allow for any longer photo adventures I have to find other means of expressing myself. This time I did it with the help of some bread.

Next time I hope I will have a photo or two to share with you. Until then, click this picture shot with my phone and imagine the smell of bread just taken out from the oven.

Brödbakning en kall söndag - Ludwig Sörmlind

As promised, the recipe for the bread as found on

Yeast Free Bread –

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