An afternoon at Gunnön in Blekinge

Uppdaterad 17 April, 2017

Spring is finally upon us up here in the cold north. My fellow Swedes are starting to leave their thick winter coats at home and in just a couple of weeks, I can almost promise that I will see the first sun-hungry swede in a pair of shorts and t-shirt even if the temperature is hovering just a few centigrades above zero.

This also means that the short winter days is starting to become a little longer. During the winter I am greeted by darkness while driving to work and even more darkness when I am driving home again 9 hours later. For every passing day, the amount of sunlight increases ever so slightly and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Last Friday I clocked out at work right before 4 PM and headed to the grocery store. After restocking the supplies needed for the weekend I grabbed my camera and headed towards Gunnön, Blekinge, Sweden where I happen to live.

Not the best conditions

I am sorry to say that the conditions for an epic sunset were just not there. Not a single cloud in the sky and the bitter cold winds chilled me to the bones.

Even though the weather was not optimal I met a couple of fellow people out on the windy island. They gave me a strange nod and quickly hurried by me where I stood and fiddled with my cold aluminum tripod with stiff fingers.

Undramatic sunset

The sunset was rather meh so I abandoned the idea of a great picture of the setting sun and started to concentrate on my immediate surroundings instead. I found a swan, some rope and a turned off water outlet next to the harbor.

During the summer this water outlet is responsible for serving fresh water to the many boats that use the harbor during the short Swedish summer.

Feel free to click on any of the images for a bigger view and a glimpse of the camera settings used.

Where can I find Gunnön?

If you are curious about the location in the images above feel free to check out this handy Google Map.

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